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 Principles Of Success:-

1.    Have a vision. What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. A cliché brought to us by Napoleon Hill in, is true. Supposing dreams do come true, you first must have one. Jesus stated that “Unless you can think like one of these (children), you shall never see the kingdom of heaven”. He was referring to the ability to dream. Children are not bound by present reality, nor should you be. Learn to see the future your way. If you can see it you can achieve it.

2.    Develop positive expectancy. Simply put, expect things to go well. See the positive outcome in your mind and just know things will turn out for the good. Expecting the worst is bad, it helps nobody, least of all you, it will also prevent you from taking action which is an incredibly important ingredient to success.

3.     Accept responsibility for all outcomes good or bad. Successful people do not blame, they understand the role of responsibility, likewise, accept credit when credit is due. Learn to accept compliments and praise by responding with a simple thank you. Never belittle yourself or your achievements.

4.    High levels of self motivation. If you need to be pushed, poked or driven then success is not for you. The ability to dig deep and perform when you least feel like it is a critical skill to have.

5.   Be decisive. Procrastination and paper shuffling are the enemy. Successful people make decisions quickly, act upon them, and change their mind slowly and only in the event of new information. Those who do not operate under the success philosophy are slow to make a decisions and change their mind frequently. Make a decision and go with it! 

6.  Develop a positive self image. This is most important, any level of success is unsustainable without a very positive self image. I recommend reading the self image page for more information.

7.  Be focused and goal orientated. Again very important. To be successful we must become successful in every area of life. The ability to set and achieve goals is our primary vehicle for progressing forward. We must set targets and measure progress. Self image, motivation, vision and so many other aspects are covered through great goal setting. Refer again to the goals page for more info.

8.  Organization and time management. The ability to organize and manage your own time, as well as prioritizing tasks and successfully delegating secondary tasks to others, can be your best friend. Sloppy, unorganized work is reflected in the results. Utilize the strengths of others and allow them to help. Good organization, time management and delegation will make your life so much simpler. It’s a fantastic skill to develop. Stephen Covey's book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is certainly the best book I have ever read on this subject and I highly recommend it.

9.   Be value driven, not results driven. Be true to yourself even in the face of short term loss. Remember, it is a long term view we are taking. To violate your own beliefs and your own values is to fail. We cannot succeed if we are failing. Quite obvious I hope. The honesty and integrity you will develop by remaining true to yourself will yield a far greater long term return than any possible short term gain, not to mention the fact that you will still be able to sleep and look in the mirror!

10.   Take action This is the last in the 10 principles of success but by no means the least important. Do what ever is required but make sure you take action, everything else is worthless without it. Action is a prerequisite to success, very few things in life will come to you, you must go to them. Fear is natural and normal, all deal with it. Those who are successful find ways to overcome the fear and act in spite of it. There is no way to avoid this, courage is the only solution.

So there are  principles for success. Remember, personal development is a life long task, be patient and persevere, you will eventually get the results you desire.

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